Tulsa Baseball Equipment

This page is devoted to Tulsa Baseball. Our Equipment is the best there is, without question. Take a look at what we offer, and if you have any questions about tulsa baseball contact us for further information.

HitTrax Baseball Video Simulator

A powerful combination of analytics and entertainment that has never before been available to indoor facilities.

Patent pending technology delivers innovation to the baseball industry by measuring real-time data and displaying live results for immediate feedback. Analyze key performance metrics to identify tendencies before stepping onto the field.

HitTrax can help you get more out of your next baseball lesson or team hitting practice, or you can reserve the system to get in a game with some friends. Also look for upcoming hitting leagues, home run derby’s, tournaments and more!

Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine by Sports Attack has an exclusive three-wheel design that allows the hitter to see the ball clearly all the way through the feeding motion, acceleration and release, just like with a live pitcher.

“The Hack Attack’s three-wheel design eliminates the delays caused by pivoting the throwing head when changing pitches. You can instantly dial in great curves over 70 MPH, sharp sliders over 80 MPH and fastballs over 90 MPH.”
-JOHN SAVAGE Head Baseball Coach, UCLA

With the Hack Attack you will be able to dial in any change in speed, location and pitch type to deliver any fastball, right or left hand breaking pitch, sliders or change-ups for the ultimate batting practice in Tulsa.

Jr. Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

The Junior Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine is the major-league quality training tool designed to develop serious young players.

It has all of the unique features of the Hack Attack Professional Pitching Machine, including our patented three-wheel design that provides complete vision. In developing hitters, especially at younger ages, there is nothing more important than timing and vision.

With the Jr. Hack Attack our batting cages offer fastballs, right and left handed breaking pitches including curveballs, sliders, split finger and knuckle. The three wheel design changes the breaking pitch plane by simply adjusting wheel speed dials.

Tulsa Baseball Lessons

With our 8 professional Instructors personal or clinics instruction is exceptional. You are guaranteed to produce the highest quality Pitching, Hitting and Fielding.