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Mission Statement
The Tide Baseball Academy program provides athletes the opportunity to develop mentally, physically and spiritually to excel at the next level.
General Information
Players are expected to play hard and play-to-win, but we do not endorse winning at all cost. Players should learn something every day they practice and play. Player development and safety takes the highest priority. All teams are coached and trained by coaches approved by Perfect Practice Athletic Center (PPAC). PPAC coaches for the betterment of the team and the athletes make playing time and position assignments. Playing time is not guaranteed, but rather is earned by those who work hard, excel and earn their position. Classification of the team (A, B, C, etc) will be determined based on the talent of the team. We do not seek to draft a team to meet a classification, but rather will base classification on the make-up of the team.
This document addresses the applicable season. There are Fall-Spring and Summer seasons. Being part of the Program(s) requires a financial and personal commitment. There are NO refunds of any fees. All fees should be paid for in full or have payment plans scheduled before a player is allowed to play or practice. Should a player quit the team for any reason, the player will be released from the roster if all fees are paid in full. In the event a player suffers a season ending injury, fees will be paid on an appropriate pro-rated basis. If a player leaves the team for any reason other than a season ending injury, the player must pay in full in order to be released from the roster. Every player must have an executed contract on file before participating in practices or games.
The Program(s) represent PPAC, our founders, and our employees. PPAC is a faith-based company that believes we are to be disciples and glorify God in everything we do. As such, rules and agreements in the form of a “code of conduct” will be initiated. The code of conduct outlines our expectations for players, parents, coaches and staff at PPAC.
Player Conduct
All players are expected to behave in a moral, upstanding manner. There will be no tolerance for: – Using profanity – Throwing equipment – Arguing with umpires – Arguing with coaches – Demonstrating a poor attitude (pouting, showing poor sportsmanship, not supporting teammates, etc.) on or off the field – Acting amorally or dishonorably when traveling as a member of the Tide or Legacy Program.
Parent Conduct
Parents, this is your time to enjoy watching your daughter develop and improve. Your encouragement and support is key to your daughter’s growth and success. Tide and Legacy Organization coaches will keep you informed about your athletes development. Reviews will be provided upon parent request. We want to keep you informed about how your athlete performs at practice and work together to catch and resolve any issues quickly. That said; please allow Perfect Practice coaches to do their jobs with minimal intervention. Parents are to refrain from instructing their athlete (including yelling things like, “Run!” or “Swing!”) or questioning coaches during games or in front of players. Should you have a question about playing time, positions or a game situation, we ask that you wait to address coaches privately at least one day after the conclusion of the game or tournament, and will need to arrange an appointment with the coach as well as with the appropriate Program Directors. Both players and parents represent Perfect Practice and the respective Programs. Thus, we will not tolerate parents engaging in the following behaviors:
– Using profanity
– Yelling at players for any reason
– Arguing with umpires
– Arguing with coaches
– Arguing with opponents (players, coaches or fans)
– Acting dishonorably or amorally when at games or accompanying player
The Tide and Legacy Programs are not immune to problems and issues. Each team may experience issues; none of which are insurmountable. We desire parents and players who are willing to commit to a team and stay with it, regardless of wins, losses, and other issues. If a situation arises the coaching staff would welcome your input, questions, or suggestions. Every issue has a solution, and we will work very hard to address anything brought to our attention in a professional manner. By signing our agreement, you are agreeing that you will remain with the Tide and Legacy Programs, and work through any issues that may arise. If you have a question or problem with a coach, please see the coach first and discuss matters with them. If you cannot get resolution, then see the Director of Operations within PPAC. If you still cannot get resolution, then see either of the Co-Owners.
Conduct of Coaches
The Program coaches strive not only to mature players’ skills, but also to help them develop life skills and best utilize their God-given talents on and off the field. As such, coaches and/or players will lead the team in prayer before each game. Additionally, coaches will: – Refrain from using profanity – Avoid arguing with umpires (though we will ask for clarification on calls, as needed) – Avoid arguing with opponents (players, coaches or fans) – Prioritize player safety at all times – Set a good role model when at games and accompanying players
Fee Structure
Total fee due –  Fees are are assigned each season for Tide and Legacy Programs. They typically range from $700-$1600   based upon length of Season. Payment plans are acceptable, as long as the entire amount is paid by the end of the appropriate Season. There are fundraising opportunities available. Fundraisers are categorized into Team and individual fundraisers. Team fundraisers include softball tournaments, gift-wrapping, and other opportunities as they become available. The amount of money collected from these fundraisers will go into an account set up by Perfect Practice. That account will be assessable only by Perfect Practice Players may simply not participate in the fundraisers if they do not wish to. However, no credits will be applied to the account of anyone not participating in the fundraiser.
Fundraising opportunities:
1) Poker Tournament- Each player (parents) is responsible for bringing at least 5 poker participants to play in the poker tournament. Each person they bring will provide the players account with $35 of credit toward their fees. Players may bring as many poker participants as they want, but must bring a minimum of 5 people. Players may buy out of the poker fundraiser.
2) Dodge Ball tournament- Players are responsible for bringing at least 2 teams (6 players per team) to play in a dodge ball tournament. Each team they bring will provide the players account with a $75 credit toward their account. Players may bring more than 2 teams, but must bring a minimum of 2 teams. Players may buy out of the dodge ball tournament.
3) Banner Ads- Players may sell banner ads for a MINIMUM of $200 per banner. There is NO MAXIMUM value for banner ads. Players may sell the ads for as much as they can get, with 100% of the proceeds going to the player. Sales for banner ads may be for any size banner, but preferably 3’ x 5’. The cost of the banner itself is NOT included in the price. The advertiser is responsible for providing the banner. The entire amount of the sale is applied as a credit toward their fees. Players may sell as many ads as they want. If the player can sell the ad for more than $200, the amount they sell the ad for will be credited toward their account. Players may buy out of the Banner Ad requirement.
4) Concession Stand Credit- Parents may work in the PPAC concession stand. A sign up sheet will be posted and is on a first come basis. The amount of hours will be applied to their account at a pay rate of $7.50 per hour. Players may buy out of the Concession stand requirement.
5) Fundraising is a team option and are not mandatory. Teams can do fundraisers at any point in time as long as our softball director and team coaches preapprove it. Fees paid will include the following services: – Indoor team practice facility to hit, field or work on softball skills (based on availability). One night per week, and one day or night on the weekend. – Speed and Agility training- August through November. – Uniforms- includes 2 Jerseys, 1 Pants, Belts, Helmets and Socks. – League fees for Fall league (if applicable) – Reduced prices on Perfect Practice gear and apparel. – Reduced prices on Pro Shop products. – Access to indoor facility to work on your own August through November of the year you are participating.
Down Payment
Down Payments secure your daughter’s spot on the team. A valid credit/debit card number must be held on record for any incidentals, and other fees that may need to be charged.
Coaches should NEVER be paid directly by parents or players. Should a coach request a parent pay them directly, please do not pay the coach and report that to PPAC immediately. A budget is allowed for tournaments and leagues. The coaches will make the final determination on which tournaments and leagues are best for the team.

Participating in the Tide or Legacy Programs requires financial commitment.  However,  PPAC is able to provide a great experience at a better price than is available via similarly competitive teams without sponsorships. What is not reflected, are the intangible benefits the Tide and Legacy programs provide to children and families.

Perfect Practice coaches have all played competitive (usually NCAA or professional) level and use their experience to help players develop. We give unbiased opinions of players’ abilities and develop practice plans to help them improve and grow as athletes. Additionally, PPAC is a business – and the Tide and Legacy Programs are important service lines. We act professionally and realize that our business success is dependent upon your family’s experience. Our goal is that Tulsa Perfect Practice players will join our older Perfect Practice program that provides high school players opportunities to play at the college or professional levels.
Finally, our programs are committed to the ultimate goal of creating well-rounded, skilled players, with a love of the game and respect for good sportsmanship. Winning is important to us, but we feel that it is more important to provide Perfect Practice players with the opportunity to grow and learn important life lessons as well. Our Programs provide a unique opportunity for player growth and learning. We offer the opportunity for players to stay with the same teammates till it is time for her to sign that scholarship and go to college. This allows our members to create the ultimate team chemistry as well as our coaches to lean and know their teams better. We offer a high value product when compared to other competitive teams and organizations in the Tulsa area. We look forward to working with you and your child, to provide the best softball experience possible.

Additional Guidelines
0. Players are expected to attend all practices and games, and be on time. If your daughter can’t be at a practice or game, please notify the head coach or team manager. This however will result in loss in playing time due to the result of missing team meetings and practices. We understand and support your prioritization of family and church activities, but require notification of such conflicts. Multiple absences will affect a player’s abilities and result in reduced playing time.
1. Players are expected to try their best at all practices and games no matter where or how much they play. A desire to learn, a good attitude and energetic participation are expected. Laziness, lack of motivation and disobedience will not be tolerated.
2. League play and practices are essential for refining skills and should not be treated lightly. Coaches will attempt to provide equal playing time during league games if applicable. Players are encouraged to demonstrate strengths and work on weaknesses during league play and practices. Playing time during tournaments will be assigned, based on previous performance, to give the team the strongest opportunity to succeed and continue competition in the tournament. We don’t expect players to ask for time or a position assignment, we expect them to earn it through their performance.
3. All Program players will be responsible for carrying equipment to and from practices and games
4. Horseplay, fighting, profanity, spitting, throwing objects, swinging bats, climbing fences and running in the dugout will not be permitted. Proper behavior must also be observed in the field. Aggravated incidents may result in suspensions, with repeated problems causing dismissal from the team.
5. While on the bench, players are expected to watch the game, encourage their teammates and know the number of outs/score/pitch count.
6. Players are not permitted to bring toys, friends, siblings, pets, food or open-top drink cups into the dugout or on the field during games or practices. Only coaches, players and individuals designated by the coaches are permitted in the dugout.
7. All Program Members are expected to pick up after themselves (in the dugout and the stands). We believe it important to set a good example for others.
8. Please allow the scorekeeper to focus on his or her job and refrain from repeatedly asking him or her the score. Keeping track of pitches, watching the batting order, and all the other things they have to do is very difficult, and they cannot be distracted.
9. Parents and players are not required to participate in fundraisers or to elicit corporate sponsorships. However, parent-secured sponsorships/fundraisers are welcome and keep participation costs to a minimum. Please talk to your coach if you have ideas in this regard. And, most importantly – be positive, play positive.
Tide and Legacy Programs present an opportunity to develop your athlete in all areas of her life. We appreciate the opportunity to be part of that development and will do everything we can to make this an enjoyable and memorable experience.


Should you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the respective Program Directors at (918) 764-9175.

Thank you for your interest in this program.

Payment Terms
A valid credit/Debit card will be held on file at all times and will be charged on the first day of every month according to the payment terms defined in my Client Account Profile. Any extra charges incurred that are not a part of dues will also be charged to the card as applicable. If no other charges have been incurred, your deposit may be used as your final month’s payment for dues. I have read and understand that if I leave the team for any reason before the end of the applicable season, my card will be charged for the remaining balance in full according to my monthly payment schedule. I understand there are no refunds. I have read and understand this agreement and will abide by the rules and policies set forth by the Legacy Softball Organization. I understand this is a legal, binding document and agree to the terms set forth.

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