The Basics Every Great Swing Includes

Baseball hitter

Perfecting your baseball swing takes years of practice. Even the big-leaguers are still working on and tweaking their swing. While everyone’s swing is a little different, there are similarities that every effective swing shares. Batting stances, grip and other variables may differ, but as Doug Bernier of Pro Baseball Insider notes, there are “absolutes” that every great hitter shares from the point of contact on.

  •  Firm Front

Whether you take a small step like Albert Pujols, or a big leg kick like Gary Sheffield, your front foot needs to plant and stop your forward momentum. This in turn starts your rotation in order to generate good bat speed. Whether your leg is slightly bent or completely straight matters less than keeping a firm, stable front and keeping your hands and the rest of your body behind the ball.

  • Palm Up Palm Down

Freeze your swing right at the point of contact. If you take the bat away, your top hand’s palm should face straight up while the bottom hand’s palm should face straight down. This grip gives you maximum control of the bat and allows you to hit the ball sharply.

  • See The Ball

It seems obvious that you’ll become a better hitter when you’re looking at the ball at the point of contact, but many times hitters’ head comes up before contact. This causes a hitter to become less accurate and pull off the ball, rather than hitting through it.

  • Head, Hip and Knee

Once again, freeze your swing at the point of contact. Your back knee, back hip and head should all be aligned. If you can draw a straight line from your back knee to your head, your swing likely has good rotation, which translates into good back speed. If you’re leaning forward, you lose power. If you’re leaning back, your swing becomes more inconsistent and requires more effort.

  • The Triangle

Your feet should form a triangle with your head being the top point in the center. This gives you a stable base as you rotate through your swing. It also allows for minimal head movement, which makes it easier to keep your eye on the ball through contact.

  • Top Arm

Not only should your arm be bent as you make contact, but your elbow should be planted against your side. The closer your elbow is to your body, the more power and bat speed you can generate.

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