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 Tide Baseball Academy

Mission Statement

The Tide Baseball Academy provides athletes the opportunity to develop mentally, physically and spiritually to excel at the next level.

General Information

Tide Baseball players are expected to play hard and play-to-win, but we do not endorse winning at all cost. Players should learn something every day they practice and play. Player development and safety take the highest priorities.

All teams are coached and trained by coaches approved by Perfect Practice Athletic Center (PPAC). Playing time and position assignments are made by PPAC coaches for the betterment of the team and the athletes. Playing time is not guaranteed, but rather is earned by those who work hard, excel and earn spots. Classification of the team (A, AA, AAA, Major) will be determined based on the talent of the team. We do not seek to draft a team to meet a classification, but rather will base classification on the make-up of the team.

Tide Baseball is a competitive program aimed at developing and bettering the player on the field and off the field. 

Tide Baseball is committed to the ultimate goal of creating well-rounded, skilled players, with a love of the game and respect for good sportsmanship.  Winning at baseball is important, but we feel that it is more important to provide Tide players with the opportunity to grow and learn important life lessons.

 Tide Baseball provides a unique opportunity for player growth and learning.  We offer a high value product when compared to other competitive teams and organizations in the Tulsa area.  

Tryouts for Spring baseball are typically the previous August.  For example, the spring 2016 season will have tryouts in August of 2015. 

We like to have our rostsers completed by August or September so the kids can begin bonding and developing relationships.  In addition, fall and winter clinics are offered for Tide members, free of charge to help enhance the mechanics of their skills.

For more informaiton about the Tide Baseball Academy, please contact us at (918) 764-9175. 

We thank you for your interest and look forward to talking with you!