4 Offseason Baseball Training Tips For Youths

Boy throwing baseball

During the offseason in Oklahoma, the weather generally keeps kids from getting outside to hit or throw. Perfect Practice offers indoor facilities to keep skills sharp throughout the winter, but there are additional offseason steps each youth baseball players should know about. A post at Hardball Mechanics outlined a few of these options.

  • Rest your arm

Baseball season is long and taxing. Especially if your child is playing in multiple leagues or on a travel team. During the winter, the American Sports Medicine Institute recommends players abstain from overhead throwing for a minimum of two months. This is especially true of pitchers whose arms have been more worn down throughout the season. Those two to four months don’t have to be continuous, however. But finding some downtime to rest throughout the year is important for keeping arms healthy.

  • Find another sport

Practicing baseball typically doesn’t provide an exhausting aerobic workout. That’s why it’s a great idea to compete in another sport during the offseason. Basketball, for example, keeps players in shape and helps them strengthen their core and develop athleticism. There’s also the added bonus of an alternate sport giving a mental break from baseball.

  • Increase your knowledge

The offseason is an ideal time to increase your knowledge of the game. This goes for players and coaches both. Not only can you better learn the rules, but you can also learn new drills and work out your mechanics. Now would be a good time to fix the flaw in your swing or work on a better arm motion to increase velocity and avoid injury.

  • Get prepared

When spring tryouts get closer, it’s time to ramp up baseball activities so you can be properly prepared. Take it slow at first so you don’t injure your arm. Gradually work into long toss and try some dynamic stretching. By warming up for the season a few weeks ahead of time, you’ll avoid the soreness that typically comes with spring workouts.

Whether you’re interested in improving during the offseason, or working on your game during the season. Perfect Practice features the best indoor baseball training facilities in Tulsa. Check out our available baseball clinics on our website, or call us for more information.

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