4 Exercises For Youth Off-Season Baseball Workouts

Boy holding medicine ball

During the off-season, big leaguers take time to rest, then hit the gym to get in shape for next season. There’s less importance for youth baseball players to focus on increasing strength in the off-season, but there are some exercises that are great for kids as young as 8 years old that will help improve on-field performance. The Danbury Baseball blog put together a list of a few of these exercises. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Push Ups

There’s a reason this exercise has become so well-known and standard. It is vital for building core and upper body strength. A good variant to the standard push-up for youths is to hold your position at the top for about 30 seconds, like a plank. As you get stronger, begin to hold midway through the push-up with your elbows slightly bent, and finally hold at the bottom with your chest just off the floor.

  • Squat Jump

Here’s another exercise that can be done without any additional equipment. Simply squat down, keeping your back straight, and then jump as high as you can and extend your arms over your head. This builds lower body strength and improves dynamic core strength and power. To make it more difficult, try holding a small weight or medicine ball.

  • Medicine Ball Slam

Now that you have your medicine ball out, use it in this simple exercise to build core strength and power. Hold the ball with two hands and slam it to the ground in front of your feet. Then catch the ball and repeat. Don’t use a ball that’s too heavy for you because that could actually hinder development and increase the risk of injury. For most kids under the age of 12, a 2-4 pound ball is sufficient.

  • Two-Hand Swing

Another great exercise with your medicine ball involves standing sideways to your target, then with two hands holding the ball, swing it back by twisting your hips, then rotate forward and throw the ball underhand. The hip movement is similar to your swing and this exercise improves rotational strength and range of motion.

In addition to proper exercises like these, it’s important to rest your arm in the off-season and to compete in other sports besides baseball.

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