3 Common Shooting Mistakes Youth Basketball Players Make

Player practicing shooting

Shooting the ball is an essential skill in basketball, but it’s also one that’s easy to develop bad habits when you’re young. Let’s be honest, basketball is much more fun when you can make shots. At Breakthrough Basketball, Joe Haefner explained a few common shooting mistakes observed in youth players. Here are a few that we’ve seen in working with kids in the Tulsa area.

  • Thumb Placement

Many players tend to let the ball rest on the tip of their thumb on their shooting hand. This means the ball doesn’t lie flat against the rest of your fingers and makes your grip unstable, which leads to inconsistent accuracy. Instead, the ball should rest on the side of the thumb. This will improve shooting accuracy and ball rotation.

  • Feet Alignment

While it’s true that not every NBA player follows this rule, it’s important for young players to get their feet set pointed directly at the rim before each shot. Otherwise, they’re forced to twist or fade in the air, which makes any shot more difficult. Start by setting your feet with ten toes aimed at the rim before catching a pass. Then, work on getting your fee aligned off the dribble.

  • Wrong Set Point

The set point of your shot is the highest point of the ball in your hands before you begin to release it. When you reach your set point, you should be able to drop your shooting hand straight down and graze your forehead. Many times, players will have their set point too far back, meaning their shooting hand drops straight down on top of their head. A bad set point typically results in shots with little or no arc and poor accuracy. Changing your natural set point may feel awkward at first, but work by shooting against a wall, then from inside of five feet until it feels more natural.

Fixing these three issues will improve your jump shot. For help working on all areas of your game, call Perfect Practice Athletic Center or sign up for our basketball clinics here.

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